Beaver CountyHier finden sich Informationen zu einer meiner Vorfahren, die nach Amerika ausgewandert sind:

»[…] Mr. Peffer married (first) September 17, 1896, Elenora Ifft, bom at Petersville, Pennsylvania, died March 26, 1898, daughter of John and Sophia Ifft, of Zelienople, Pennsylvania. They had one child, Beulah E., born September 19, 1897. Mr. Peffer married (second) August z8, 1907, Margaretta Christiana Laderer, born in Lancaster township, Butler county, Pennsylvania, September 15, 1870. He is a member of the Grace Reformed Church, and Mrs. Peffer is a member of the Lutheran Church. Her father, Jacob Laderer, was born in Erkennbrechts-Weiler, Upper Bailiwick, Nurtingen, Wuerttemberg, Germany, January 12, 1831, died February 21, 1909.

After being graduated from the public schools he prepared himself for the profession of teaching by a course of study at a seminary at Nurtingen. He then taught school for a time at Darmsheim, and in 1854 emigrated to America with his young wife. Having studied for a time in Pittsburgh, he obtained a position at the parochial school of St. Paul’s Church, in Zelienople, Pennsylvania. He also played the pipe organ in that church for a period of forty years. In addition to teaching in the school he gave private instruction in music, on the fine piano made in Stuttgart, Germany, which had been presented to him by his mother upon his fourteenth birthday, at which time a good instrument was a rare and costly possession. Mrs. Peffer still has this instrument, and it is in remarkably good condition. In 1858 he purchased a farm in Middle Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and in 1864 a store in Middle Lancaster, which he conducted several years. He was a man of decided influence and prominence in the community, filling the responsible office of postmaster for eighteen years; for the same length of time he acted as secretary of the German Fire Insurance Company of Zelienople; and he was justice of the peace and school director for many years. Mr. Laderer married, in 1853, Sarah Geiger, born at Darmsheim, Upper Bailiwick, Boblingen, April 30, 1833, eighth of the nine children of John Jacob and Dorothea (Santer) Geiger, of Darmsheim.

Jacob and Sarah (Geiger) Laderer had children: Mary Louisa, born September 10, 1854, married T. D. McKinney, of Independence, Missouri ; Henry Edward, born June 4, 1856, married Elizabeth Dornhoflf, and lives in Portersville, Pennsylvania ; William Carl, born September 21, 1857, married Matilda Wahl, and has a carriage factory at Evans City, Pennsylvania, where he also resides ; Jacob Frederick, born February 18, 1859, married Emma, daughter of ex-Governor Rich, and lives in McPherson, Kansas, where he is the proprietor of several stores for general merchandise; Sara Matilda, born June 27, 1866, married John Christophel, a farmer at Middle Lancaster; Margaretta C, who married Mr. Pefifer, as above stated. John George Laderer, the grandfather of Mrs. Peffer, was bom June 11. 1798, died December 27, 1847. He married Margarethe Schott, of Erkennbrechts-Weiler, Upper Bailiwick, Nurtingen, Wuerttemberg, and Jacob, the father of Mrs. Peffer, was their only child. […]«


[1] »Genealogical and personal history of Beaver County, Pennsylvania (1914)« (